Meghan Markle’s Mother Doria Ragland Arrives In London For Birth Of First Grandchild

 | Grace Higgins

Prince Harry and the former ‘Suits’ actress Meghan Markle are ready for the birth of their first child. Markle’s mother, yoga teacher Doria Ragland has arrived in London over the weekend to be by the side of her only child, when the much anticipated birth occurs. Kensington Palace previously released a statement when the birth was first announced, “Ms. Ragland is very happy about this lovely news and looks forward to welcoming her first grandchild.” Doria is very close to her her daughter, and was the only member of Meghan’s family that attended the Royal wedding last May. Prince Charles walked Meghan down the isle, as her father Thomas Markle feigned heart issues.

Thomas Markle a former sound man in the entertainment business has lived in Rosarita Beach, Mexico for several years. He has been caught staging pictures for the paparazzi, and doing paid interviews about his famous daughter. A leaked letter written by Meghan to her father, begged him to stop talking to the media, ‘if there were any chances of a reconciliation.’ The letter did very little to stop Thomas from talking, selling the letter and continuing to do paid interviews.’ Meghan has told friends, she will not have a relationship with her father, because she can’t trust him.

Meghan’s mother has visited her daughter and new son in law a few times in the last year. In September she was at an official event at the Palace, celebrating a cook book that Meghan helped create. The book, ‘Together:Our Community Cookbook’ benefited the victims of the Grenfell Tower Fire Tragedy.
According to reports, the Royal Family has been very welcoming to Doria, Prince Charles walked her down the steps of St. George’s Chapel following the wedding ceremony. Contrary to reports that Doria is planning on moving to England, friends say that is not true. ‘She has her life and career in Los Angeles, and she isn’t ready to retire now.’