Meghan King Edmonds’ Son Diagnosed With Irreversible Brain Damage

Valeria Servigna | July 6th, 2019

Real Housewives’ star, Meghan King Edmonds shared her son, Hart, was recently diagnosed with “minor Periventricular Leukomalacia on both sides of his brain”. On a post on her blog, Edmonds explains how she had a feeling something was not right with him. To illustrate her suspicions, she stated, “The nurses struggled to straighten his legs to measure his length. He suckled hard, shallow, and often until I bled and he spit up black.”

The news was delivered after the 1-year-old had a selective MRI, after months of appointments with different doctors. The neurologist explained the condition is more common in premies, but since Hart was born a 37-weeks gestation, it is speculated the damage happened “a couple months before he was born.” This diagnosis puts Hart at risk for being diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Star Magazine

On her post titled “My Hart” King Edmonds describes the obstacles she faced to get to this point. She first took Hart to get his lip and tongue tie released, and then to a chiropractor for craniosacral therapy. Consequently, she took him to a pediatric ophthalmologist for his strabismus. The reality-TV-star continued to ask his pediatrician, who stated Hart was fine, but she still insisted for a neurologist referral. Nonetheless, the neurologist also said Hart was healthy.

She persisted and contacted a neurologist specializing in cerebral palsy, who confirmed the previous diagnosis. Ultimately, King Edmonds begged for a selective MRI, and three days later his condition was discovered. Her husband, Jim Edmonds, was allegedly very surprised by the results of the MRI. The Real Housewives’ alumna, however, remained optimistic about the news. The family proceeded to call friends and family and to enroll Hart on therapy.

King Edmonds concludes her blog post by acknowledging the challenges Hart’s condition represents, but choosing to stay positive on taking these on. She writes, “I explained to Jimmy how we are not somehow compromised or punished for having a child with special needs (whatever that may or may not mean!), we are BLESSED.”

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