Meek Mill Documentary Coming To Amazon This Summer

 | Kevin Williams

Rapper Meek Mill is discussing his #FreeMeek documentary that will be premiering on Amazon this summer. Mill will turn 32 in May, has had many run ins with the law since he was a teenage. When he was 18 he was arrested for assaulting a police officer and put on probation. He was arrested in 2008 for drug and gun possession. Judge Genece Brinkley sentenced Mill to 23 months in prison. Going forward Brinkley handled all of Mill’s legal cases. Mill was released from prison in 2009 and placed on 5 years of probation. Judge Brinkley revoked Mill’s travel permit in 2012, after a parole violation. Mill contended that Brinkley ‘had a personal vendetta against him.’

Mill found himself in a legal quagmire, and felt at times he would never again live a normal life. Mill told ‘Page Six’ that the documentary is about his life and his struggles. The film also looks at the flawed criminal justice system that Mill says is ‘stacked against brown skinned people. Mill said he never looked at the system as a nightmare, prior to his legal issues. He said the fact that he unjustly spent time behind bars, ‘because the system is flawed, and needs reform.’ His 2017 prison sentence for a parole violation gained international attention.

A whistle blower came forward in 2018 to say that the police officer that arrested Mill in 2007 was a ‘dirty cop.’ The informant’s information led to a review of several hundred other cases for police misconduct. After the informant came forward Mill submitted an appeal to have his original 2007 conviction overturned. The case is still pending in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Mill was released from prison pending the outcome of the court decision. Judge Brinkley is still in control of all of Mill’s criminal cases. Mill claims he lost millions in canceled concert dates, due to being behind bars unlawfully. Mill said he will explore his legal options concerning collecting the lost revenue.