Lori Loughlin Puts Up House As Collateral For Million Dollar Bond

 | Grace Higgins

Actress Lori Loughlin surrendered to police in Los Angeles on Wednesday when she returned from Canada. She appeared at a bond hearing, the judge ordered her bail set at 1 million dollars, which is the same amount as her husband’s bail. The actress will be allowed to return to Canada to complete a film project. However the judge sad after December, Loughlin will have to surrender her passport in December when all of her contracts are over. Loughlin was allowed to put up her LA mansion as collateral for her bail.

The FBI said this is the largest college cheating scandal in US history, more than 30 parents, college coaches, SAT and PSAT were arrested in the sting operation, which had been investigated for over a year. The FBI said that each college involved will determine if any action will be taken against the students who got into the colleges fraudulently. The judge ordered Loughlin not to talk to any other defendants or witnesses in the case,besides her husband and daughters. Her daughter Olivia Joy has a huge social media pretense, and is a Freshman at USC. Olivia has several branding deals that she promotes on her pages, which could be lost due to the scandal.


Stars have been blasting Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. Rob Lowe chimed in saying that he is proud of his two sons that worked hard to get into good schools. Singer Eve said on ‘The Talk’ “that this whole thing is terrible, really bad. Their wealth and their position puts them way ahead of the playing field to begin with. They must have little faith in the children’s abilities if they pulled a thing like this. Sharon Osborne said “What does this teach the children about decency and hard work, it teaches them with money you can move to the front of the line.” Loughlin will have to appear in court in Boston on March 29, along with her husband and Felicity Huffman.