Kanye West Donates ^$150,000 To Family Of Chicago Security Guard Killed By Cop

 | Grace Higgins

Rapper Kanye West was deeply moved and disturbed by the recent shooting death of a Chicago security guard. The guard, Jemel Roberson was holding down a suspect who was brandishing a gun and drunk. When police arrived on the scene it was Roberson who was shot to death not the suspect. West wanted to do his part to help Roberson’s family out. The family started a Go Fund Me page asking for 10K to help with funeral expenses. West made arrangements to deliver his donation to the family privately and off of the charity funding website.

The campaign has raised over $300,000, which doesn’t include West’s donation. Roberson was working as a security guard at Manny’s Blue Room Bar on Sunday, at around 4 am when a few patrons who were visibly intoxicated were told to leave the bar. One of the customer ordered out, returned to the bar a short time later with a gun and opened fire. The offical reports say that Roberson who was an armed guard returned fire and was able to take control of him and subdue him while waiting for the police to arrive on site.


Shortly after police arrived on the scene, Roberson was shot and killed. The 26 year old man was working extra shifts to earn Christmas money for his 9 month old son and girlfriend. Roberson was wearing a security badge at the time of the shooting. People in the bar called Roberson a ‘hero’ saying he stopped the shooter from killing innocent people, by pinning him to the ground and getting his gun out of his hand. Roberson was a talented musician who often played the piano at his church. His mother Beatrice told reporters that her son was planning on applying for the police force. The matter is being investigated, and the officer who killed Roberson has been placed on administrative leave.