Jussie Smollett Of ‘Empire’ Turns Phone Over To Chicago Police

 | Grace Higgins

‘Empire’ star actor Jussie Smollett turned over his cell phone, after initially refusing to do so. Two weeks ago Smollett was the victim of an alleged racist and homophobic attack, by two unknown men on Chicago street. Smollet claims two men approached him after he left a ‘Subway’ sandwich shop. They physically attacked him and one man, hung a noose around the actor’s neck. Smollett told police both men had masks on, and he couldn’t give any type of physical description of either man.

According to the superintendent of Chicago Police, Eddie Johnson, Smollett turned over his phone late Tuesday. However the phone has no valuable evidence regarding the alleged attack. According to Johnson, they don’t have ‘enough evidence to open any type of criminal investigation. According to a source connected to the case, Smollett’s phone had several areas that were ‘redacted’. Smollett claimed that he was on the phone with his manager when the attack happened. The manager also sent screen shots of some phone calls, he would not turn over his phone. Johnson’s Chief of Staff Robert Boik confirmed that he received Smollet’s phone, and screen shots from his manager.


Smollett made an appearance a few days after the attack at a club in West Hollywood, CA. He said he had to come out and appear, because he would not let his attackers win. The crowd showed a lot of support for the ‘Empire’ star. The police have released video pictures of two men wearing dark clothing, who were in the same neighborhood at the same time the attack took place. They asked for anyone with information to call the police, thus far the police say there have been no tips called in. Smollett has been the target of some naysayers online, who have questioned whether the incident ever took place to begin with. Smollett said he had no reason to fabricate the incident, “what would I gain by doing that” the actor asked.