‘Jersey Shore’s’ JWoww Has A New Man As She Continues Divorce Proceedings

 | Grace Higgins

Jenny ‘Jwoww’ Farley of MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ has moved on from her broken marriage to a new man. The reality TV star and mother of two filed for divorce from her husband Roger Matthews seven months ago. She was out and about during the weekend with her new ‘mystery man’ who has yet to be identified. A rep for Jwoww did confirm that the ‘she has moved on, and is looking forward to new beginnings.’ Farley was seen drinking red wine with a man, and also feasting on a huge spread at the Jersey Shore.


Only a week ago Farley was out with her ex and their two children Meilani, and Greyson visiting an Easter bunny in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Farley says for the ‘sake of their children, “they decided to keep their divorce separate from their co-parenting activities.” The ex couple met in Seaside Heights, NJ, while she was filming the first season of ‘Jersey Shore’ in 2010. She was dating her former boyfriend Tom Lippolis when she met Matthews. Lipplolis was arrested on December 19, 2018 for trying to extort $25,000 dollars from Farley’ for not dishing the dirt on her.’

Jwoww and Mathews became engaged in 2012 and married in 2015 in an over the top wedding, with most of the ‘Shore’ cast attending. Farley filed for divorce in September of 2018, and has since filed a restraining against Mathews. She has accused her estranged husband of verbal, emotional and physical abuse, he has denied all charges. The police have been to the former couple’s Toms River, NJ home several times, and Mathew accused Farley of ‘making up things to make me look bad.’ At the time of the divorce filing, Mathews at the time said “I will try to win my wife back, I’m done fighting. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”