Jakarta Is Sinking So Fast It Will Soon Be Underwater

 | Grace Higgins

Jakarta is one of the fasting growing cities in the world with over 10 million people living in it, but it also has a great problem in its future: it happens to be sinking at extreme rates. Scientists have claimed it is now the fastest sinking city in the world, with researchers advising if nothing is done, by 2050 it will simply be underwater.


Found on the edge of the Java sea sitting on swampland and thirteen rivers running through it, it hardly comes as a surprise that it is witness to regular flooding. Experts are now claiming it will only get worse and worse, but it has nothing to do with freak flooding. The ill-fated secret is that the city is literally sinking into the ground: doomed.

Heri Andreas from the Bandung Institution of Technology claims that the fact of Jakarta disappearing into the ground is no laughing matter: it is a very real live fact and that politicians need to be more open about it. According to the institution’s models and simulations if nothing is done then 95% of the city will be underground by 2050.

Some parts of the city like North Jakarta are sinking at alarming rates of up to 25 cm per year, but the average is around 1 to 15 cm per year. North Jakarta the problem is immediately made apparent with buildings being regularly abandoned due to sinking and becoming unsafe. Once land sinks lower than the round above it if flooded the water has nowhere to go, meaning it just becomes stagnant. A repertoire for potentially deadly diseases to brew.

But inhabitants just seem used to this fact and have accepted it as part of their life, they regularly describe the roads and pavements as waves for example. And nothing seems to deter property developers, with more luxury apartments being built up every year.