Is It Opposite Day Or Do I Have Situs Inversus

Grace Higgins | December 10th, 2018

If you happen to suffer from Situs Inversus then you may believe you are constantly looking in a mirror or that opposite day is actually a real and true reality. But that would of course not be true, your organs are simply placed in a mirror image of what is the norm. An extremely rare condition that is commonly overlooked by doctors around the world as it only affects about 1 in ten thousand births.

A genetic condition where the organs in the chest and abdomen are in opposite of where they should be, all normal positions are thrown out the window when it comes to examining someone with Situs Inversus. A strange name that sounds like a spell out of Harry Potter, alas it is a real disease. For example, the left atrium of the heart and the left lung are all positioned on the body’s right side. And when it comes to the abdominal cavity, the liver ends up being positioned mostly on the left side instead of the right. Even stranger the stomach is on the right side instead of being on the left.

One danger is, of course, the appendix, patients with Situs Inversus, regularly fall victim to severe appendicitis as the doctor does not realize their appendix is on the other side of their body & overlooks this.

The cause of the conditions happens when an unaffected carrier mother and an unaffected carrier father come together, then their child has 1 in 4 chance of being born with Situs Inversus. Because of the many genetic steps that all have to tumble together to cause the condition, the phenomenon does remain very rare.

The good thing is that all the person’s organs function perfectly fine! So it is very possible for a person to have no complications with this condition and some never even realize they have it.

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