Harden Scores 44 After Kobe’s Opinion, Pelicans Likely To Wait

 | Grace Higgins

It might not be the toughest thing right now in the NBA, but the Houston Rockets defeated the Phoenix Suns on Monday night 118-110 on the back of another sterling performance from James Harden in which he grabbed 44 points. It’s the 20th time already this season that he has scored 40 or more, and it helped to hand the Suns their 11th straight loss in Phoenix. With those point totals, Harden joins a very rare club of players to have that many 40 point games this early in the season. Only Wilt, MJ himself, and Rick Barry had done it before. He’s scored 30 or more in 27 games in a row as he looks to close in on Wilt, who has two such streaks at 31 and then a massive one at 65 that’s likely to never be broken. Ahead of the game, though, there were some very interesting comments made by Kobe Bryant that could prove to be the turning point of the season. Harden, he claims, is going to hold his team back from winning the title with his play. This coming from a man who was famous for always getting his points, even at the expense of his own teammates at times. This is a bold thing to say, and Harden countered back that he’s been forced to do it because of injuries, but it’s likely to be the truth. Kobe’s been down this road before. At some point Harden’s body won’t hold up anymore. He will break down. And who realisticalyl believes he can do it four times out of seven in four series straight? They might be strange words from Bryant, but they are true ones nonetheless.

USA Today

According to the consensus currently, the New Orleans Pelicans are looking to wait and see about the status of Anthony Davis. With the trade deadline a little over two days a way now, sources are indicating that the bulk of the organization want to wait until the end of the season before opening up discussions about moving their star player. It might seem to be a little strange with Davis due to be a free agent in about 18 months that they would choose to wait, but it’s thought that they are interested in hearing what the Boston Celtics have to say. The Celtics cannot trade for Davis until then, so this means that if the Pelicans do not trade Davis before Thursday’s deadline that they then become the favorite to land him, right? In theory, the price for him should lower by the day, but by the looks of things, the price could actually go up even more come July. What a strange NBA season we’re in! The Los Angeles Lakers are hoping to get the deal done now, and they are offering the farm to bring him in. But as of now, the wacky season is rolling on and it appears he’ll be staying put.