Goats Actually Have Their Own Accents

 | Grace Higgins

New research into the world of goats has shed some light on the way they communicate and their vocals. In fact, researchers are now claiming that goats are able to develop their own accents. And some experts are even claiming that if one mammal can do it, well that must be an indication that all animals have their own accents.


By studying goat herds, researchers were able to detect that they establish their own speaking patterns and voice once they have moved away from their siblings and start to mingle with others. It could be looked like a coming of age sort of thing, goats developing their own voice as they grow up. Interestingly it did not just stop there, the team noticed that if goats were moved around, they would develop a different voice depending on the group they were in.

The team from the Queen Mary University of London advised that it is the first research ever that shows animals can develop accents depending on their surroundings. Other experts had always assumed that voices depended on genetics and not their surroundings. During their studies, they found that the young goat kids all sounded quite similar, which is pretty logical.

Growing up the older the goat became they started to develop their own traits, meaning their voice was influenced by social status in the herd, surroundings and even the environment. It shows that animals do have important cognitive abilities and are not as stupid as we may have thought. There could even be other abilities and features that we have still not yet discovered.

Learning more about animals cognitive abilities and how they develop is very important when it comes to improving their overall animal welfare. It can bring to light common practices that need to be changed or put in place new processes that can help their livelihood.