Ezekiel Elliott Ruling Overturned

 | Grace Higgins

The stay of the temporary injunction previously given to Ezekiel Elliott was granted Thursday. In other words, the Dallas Cowboys running back will have to serve his suspension while the case is ruled upon.

This case was in regards to a domestic violence dispute on February 12, 2016.

Elliot has proven to be one of the best young talents in the league, totaling 1,631 yds on 331 carries. The double edged sword of Elliot and fellow rookie quarterback Dak Prescott were center of what made this Dallas Cowboys team so successful last year.

This year, however, has been a completely different story. As the two, struggle to live up to the expectations coming off of last year, Elliot is doing so amidst a ruling that could have potentially suspended him for six games starting at the beginning of the season.


While the temporary injunction did was not granted at first, it was granted earlier this morning. Thus, Elliot will have to serve the full terms to the six game suspension which means he will not play for the Cowboys until November 30, when the Cowboys play the Redskins at AT&T Stadium.

This has a lot of implications on the Cowboys and the league as a whole.

First, the Cowboys will not be with their star running back who was a key part of their offense last year. Second, the Cowboys are already having a less successful year than they were expected to heading into the season. They have put together a 3-2 record, with their only convincing win coming over the New York Giants opening night 19-3.

This may put Philadelphia in the driver’s seat in the NFC East.

Frank Salzano, Elliott’s Lawyer, is likely to appeal this decision again.

It is likely that after this many appeals, the decision made will stand and Elliott will have to serve his suspension.