Dog Trained To Sniff Out Illegal Activity

Grace Higgins | September 21st, 2019

There are police dogs all over the country trained to sniff our illegal and dangerous items, such as drugs, bombs and other explosive devices. But one dog in Florida named Ty has highly specialized training meant to sniff out electronic devices that may contain child pornography. Ty is a two year old yellow Labrador who works for the Clay County Sheriff’s Office and is specially trained to track a specific odor that is emitted by SD cards and electronic storage devices. While the dog does not specifically know if the devices contain pornography, he is able to track the chemicals that are embedded in all SD cards and microchips. He is trained to tell his handlers when he smells the chemical odor that comes from electronic devices. This is particularly helpful in situations where the sheriff’s office is performing an investigation.

In cases where there potentially may be instances of illegal material, it is important to gather as much evidence as possible to lead to a possible case. This means that officers need to find any evidence that contains photographs or videos, which can be hidden anywhere inside a home. Perpetrators can hide evidence on micro SD cards, or even on thumb drives and then hide them in common items. There are fake books with the pages cut out and there would be no way a human could detect the contents of such a hiding place. That’s where Ty’s skills come in handy; he is trained to simply stop and wait when he senses the presence of a hidden device.

If law enforcement is inside a home where they suspect the illegal material is present, they bring in Ty to sniff out the devices. He is able to easily detect items that have been hidden away, no matter their size or hiding spot. Best of all, Ty is also a therapy dog for child victims, offering them comfort and love.

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