Dog Steals Camera

Grace Higgins | September 11th, 2019

A dog named Hannah and her brother King did not have a great start to their lives. The pair was discovered tied to a pole outside a supermarket. That’s where they were discovered by Jurji Drgan and his family who decided to adopt the sweet pair of pups. It was clear that both dogs had been neglected and abused and then abandoned outside the supermarket. So, they family took them in. Hannah and King have been with their family for four years now and with time, things have gotten better for them. The dogs were scared when they first arrived, but now they have grown curious and confident about the world around them. Hannah in particular has been especially curious.

Jurji was working on a school project recently and needed to film a serious of time lapse videos. In order to create them, he needed to leave his camera outside so that he could film the rain. The camera sat outside for several hours and once it was time for him to retrieve the camera, Jurji was confused. The camera was gone and he had no idea where it went. He spent hours outside, trying to figure out where the camera had gone. But in his search, he realized Hannah was mysteriously missing from the backyard also. She was in her doghouse and he decided to see what she was up to. When he looked inside, Hannah was in there, with his camera nestled in her paws. Hannah is not known to steal things, but clearly the camera was a mysterious object that interested her.

Hannah doesn’t typically steal items, so he thought it was safe to leave the camera outside. But curiosity got the best of her and she ended up making an adorable video of her own. Looks like she is an aspiring filmmaker!

Jurij Drgan //Facebook

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