Dog Crashes Church Service

Grace Higgins | June 25th, 2019

In a church located in the country of Brazil, all are welcome to attend services. But for one dog, that invitation was taken very seriously. In the middle of a church service, a surprise doggy visitor arrived with his tail wagging. Best of all, the priest leading mass that day was a dog lover and opened the sweet pooch with open arms. Father Jose Geraldo Sobreira was leading mass for his congregation gathered at the Nossa Senhora das Dores parish that day. That’s when the dog arrived off the street and wandered into the church as mass was taking place. The dog did not just walk into the church it headed straight to the alter to lay at the priest’s feet. It was clear that the dog wasn’t just there to rest either—he wanted to play.

Instead of making the dog leave, the priest welcomed him and embraced his presence there. The priest carried on with mass with a smile on his face, all while the dog rolled around at his feet. No one really knows where the dog came from or why he chose to enter the church that day, but some say it was perhaps a sort of divine intervention. The congregation praised the priest for showing such kindness and love to the dog, who everyone is saying is an “angel with four paws.” While that day was special for all involved, many say that were so happy that the priest let the dog stay for mass.

Many parishioners commented that they are dog lovers themselves and believe dogs are great reminders to each of us in the power of unending, selfless love. Dogs are always happy to see us, never judge, and love us no matter what—a great reminder that was lived out that day in church by the priest and his four legged visitor.

Paróquia Nossa Senhora das Dores //Facebook
Paróquia Nossa Senhora das Dores //Facebook
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