Dog And Girl Have Their Own Language

Grace Higgins | September 26th, 2019

There are plenty of people out there who have a language all their own. They just seem to march to the beat of their own drum, and others may find that difficult to understand. Regardless of what is being said, one thing is for certain: the language of friendship always makes perfect sense. That is certainly the case for a little girl named Everlee and her very best doggy friend, named Dude. Everlee is two years old and she lives with her family in Washington State. That family includes her beloved dog brother, Dude. From the moment she was born, Dude and Everlee just had a special bond with one another.

Not only do they share a bond of love together, they also have an adorable language that is all their own. For hours on end each day, Dude and Everlee spend time together, having lively long conversations using their special language. No one quite knows what they are saying, but the pair seem to enjoy “talking” about topics only they can understand. Everlee and Dude’s mom recently caught the pair on video together, sitting on a picnic table just chatting away. Everlee can be seen laughing as she sings or talks to Dude and he “talks” back, howling and talking back to her.

Everlee’s family says the bond the two share is so special to them as a family. What makes it so sweet is that Everlee has someone to talk to, which she otherwise might not have. You see, Everlee has epilepsy which means her speech has been delayed more than other kids her age. While she might struggle with her speech development, she has someone in her life who understands her just the way she is now. Dude is not only a caring companion, he is someone who is there for her no matter what.

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