David Charvet Admits To Having Relationship With Soccer Star Jermaine Jones’ Wife

 | Grace Higgins

Actor David Charvet has finally decided to tell the truth about his relationship with his girlfriend. The turn of events happened late Monday in a Los Angeles courtroom. Charvet was called to the stand to testify, during a hearing for a protective order. The former ‘Baywatch’ actor, was seeking a restraining order against the former soccer great Jermaine Jones. Charvet has for several months vehemently denied that he was involved with Sarah Jones. The father of two said that Jones and he were just good friends.

On Monday he explained that he and Sarah Jones both have children that play on the same sports teams with their schools. He explained that they had set up ‘play dates’ for their kids, and that their relationship was completely platonic. He was married to ‘Dancing With The Stars’ alum Brooke Burke, and Jones was married to Jermaine when they met. On the stand Charvet who was born and raised in France, shared threatening texts that he received from Jermaine. The actor said he is in fear of his life, because Jones, ‘will do anything to get his wife back.’ The former soccer star also took the stand to explain his version of events.


He said he suspected his wife was having an affair with Charvet and he confronted her. He said his wife denied the affair. He also said Charvet picked up his children from school without his permission and he was extremely upset about that. Jones admitted on the stand that he ‘told Charvet to stay away from his family,’ but he added that he never threatened him. The warring ex-couple have five children together, and a source close to Jones said he is very concerned for the welfare of his children. He intends to seek full physical custody of his five children. The judge denied Charvet’s request for the protection order, saying there was a lack of evidence.