Curry Closes Out Rockets Without Durant, NCAA Proposes BB Rule Change, A’s Walk It Off In The 12th

 | Grace Higgins

With no Kevin Durant available on Friday night, many opined that the Houston Rockets were shoe-ins to win Game 6. Some even went as far as to say that the Golden State Warriors would lose the series. But Steph Curry and the Warriors’ much maligned bench stepped up to seal the series with a 118-113 win in Houston. The Warriors got into halftime knotted up at 57-57 with the Rockets thanks to some of their lesser known stars coming up clutch. Curry was not one of those, scoring zero points on 0-5 shooting. James Harden had dominated in that first half, yet his team had been unable to build a lead. It was at that precise moment that you had a feeling something was going to go amiss for the Rockets, and boy did it ever. Curry had an otherworldly second half, draining 33 points, 23 of which came in the decisive fourth quarter, to make up for the bagel he dished out in the first half of the game. And that was enough in the end to give his team the series win at 4-2, giving them a little bit of extra rest for Tuesday’s Western Conference Finals where they will face either Denver or Portland. With or without KD, it may not matter. This is the team to beat, and they might have just been awoke from a deep sleep.

USA Today

The NCAA, it was reported on Friday, is now in talks about potentially moving the three-point line back to the FIBA (international association) distance for future seasons. Currently, the line, which was moved back not too long ago, is at 20 feet and nine inches. The proposed change would be to make it 22 feet and 1.75 inches. This, it is thought, would reduce the number of threes made again, though it’s sure to only stick for a period of time since it will become the norm that players are used to before long. Another interesting rule that is being looked at is the resetting of the shot clock after an offensive rebound to just 20 seconds. This would force teams to get into their offense a little bit quicker. It’s not expected that either rule will be changed before the 2021 season, so there is time to have minds changed.

The Comeback

Don’t the Oakland A’s seem like the best 18-22 baseball club ever? That’s what they are, after Friday night, at least, when they went 12 innings to finally get their 4-3 home win over the Cleveland Indians. It was Matt Chapman who delivered the lead off walk-off that ‘Hand’ed the victory to them and saw them inch closer to the .500 mark. With that being said, they are somehow still 6.5 games behind Houston and are last in the division, meaning they have some way to go before they can be as good as the Warriors! Roman Laureano, one of our favorites here, crushed his own homer to center field in the sixth to help them eventually record the win.

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