Clippers To Land To MVP Candidates, Shaky Brewers Beat Pirates In 10, Gauff Survives To Advance

Grace Higgins | July 6th, 2019

One year ago, Paul George appeared to have been heading to Los Angeles, only he was going to be suiting up for the Lakers… well at least we thought. And a couple of weeks ago, we learned they were, apparently, trying to make a play for Kawhi Leonard, too. But, according to sources, the Lakers haven’t landed the duo. Instead, it is the other team in L.A. who was in the form of the Clippers. Kawhi Leonard, a free agent that has just led the Toronto Raptors to the NBA title nearly single-handedly, has decided to come back home and will join the Clippers, instantly making them a title contender. But he won’t be coming alone by the looks of it. Rather, George is coming in tow, with the Clippers pulling out all the stops to land one of the regular season MVP candidates in a stunning double move. The Oklahoma City Thunder will receive two players and an array of draft picks, some of which are protected and some that are unprotected, in exchange for George. What a way to respond to the potential of the Finals MVP’s rumored team-up with LeBron and Anthony Davis, huh?

USA Today

The Milwaukee Brewers find themselves top of the pile in the NL Central after Friday night, but it remains a very tight divisional race after a narrow 7-6 win in extra innings over the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Central contains a race that sees all five of its teams within four games of one another at the moment, meaning every win is massive at this stage. And the Brew Crew had nearly thrown one away the day after Independence Day. Going into the bottom of the ninth, they had a five run lead to hang on to, but it all came apart, with the Bucs pushing a run across with a sac fly and hitting two home runs to send it to the tenth. But from there, the clutch Brewers showed up as Lorenzo Cain singled to drive in an RBI that ultimately, finally, sent them to a win. They now lead the Central by 0.5 game of the Chicago Cubs, yet they still have a tenuous four game haul over the plucky Pirates.

ABC News

Coco Gauff is becoming the talk of the tennis world, but it looked like her time in the sun, at least for now, was going to come to an end at Wimbledon on Friday. Having lost the first set and well on the way to losing the second, she looked like she was going to be eliminated at the hands of Polona Hercog. But the 15 year-old showed poise well beyond her years and earned a chance to force a third set. She did just that, winning a point that took 32 strokes combined, and then went on to take the third and final set to send her into the round of 16. No matter the opponent, this was a very, very impressive win for such a young player.

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