Charles Barkley Responds To Laura Ingraham’s Criticism Of LeBron On SNL

 | Grace Higgins

Former NBA all-star Charles Barkley hosted Saturday Night Live for the fourth time last night. While he is one of the biggest personalities in sports today, he made a serious statement regarding Fox News analyst Laura Ingraham’s comments on LeBron James when she told him to “shut up and dribble.”

He used SNL as a platform to get his message across as he blended it with comedy throughout, but really made a lot of valid points surrounding athletes roles in society today.

Dating all the way back to Muhammad Ali, athletes have used their prominence in sports as a platform to address social issues, and he encouraged James to keep doing the same thing despite Ingraham’s comments.

This statement is out of line, especially coming from Fox News who are typically a conservative news network and support freedom of speech over everything else.

Yet, Ingraham’s comments go directly against that notion. Regardless, everyone has the right to express their opinion and this is what both of the parties involved here are doing.

James responded by saying that he “won’t shut up and dribble,” and Ingraham then invited him to appear on her show which has not happened yet.

Many other athletes spoke out about Ingraham’s actions, but there has not been any direct contact between each party yet despite this issue being ongoing.