Celine Dion’s Appearance Attracting Rumors Of Falling Health

 | Grace Higgins

Singer Celine Dion has been looking ‘scary skinny’ lately, and people close to her are worried. Dion is currently in Paris for ‘Fashion Week’, and her behavior and physical appearance are making people wonder. The singer, 50, looks as though she’s lost a huge amount of weight, a source said, ‘her inner circle is concerned.’ She was seen leaving her hotel in Paris this weekend, wearing big sunglasses, and lose fitting clothing. Friends of the singer have said the death her of her husband and brother have left lasting scars, and she is ‘not her normal self.’

Dion,50, lost her husband and manager Rene Angelil in 2016 to cancer, he was 73. The couple were married for 24 years and had three children together. Two days after losing her husband her brother, Daniel also died of cancer at 59. Dion who is estimated to be worth in excess of 700 million lives in Henderson, Nevada right outside of Las Vegas. While Dion has been in Paris she had a visit with French designer Alexandre Vauthier. Onlookers who have been at some of the fashion shows Dion has attended say she is ‘talking about speaking to her dead husband.’


She appears happy, but very thin and doesn’t seem to be ‘mentally all there.’ according to a source close to the singer. Dion had a successful residency in Vegas, but canceled several shows during her husband’s illness and death. In March of 2018 her manager released a statement saying that Dion was having problems with her hearing. According to the manager she used ear drops, which made her hearing worse. Dion recently said in an interview that she was ‘still mourning her husband’. She said for three years he couldn’t eat or drink a sip of water, and “ now people might be wondering if Dion is eating at all.”