Jenelle Evans Fired From MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2 After Husband Kills Family Dog

Jenelle Evans may just be paying for the sins of her husband David Eason. Evans a North Carolina native has been fired from the show Teen Mom 2. Eason had already been fired from the show, for making several racists and homophobic rants on camera. The producers were only filming with Jenelle, her mother Barbara and children since last year. Eason brutally beat and then murdered the family French Bulldog, Nugget. Evans revealed on social media that she was no longer living with her husband. The other cast members from Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, sent a letter to the MTV producers asking for Eason to be fired.

Jenelle, has three children Everly with Eason, Jace with a former boyfriend, who Barbara Evans has custody of him. A son Kaiser Griffth, with her former boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. After the shooting incident with the family dog, Griffith notified the police, and said that he didn’t feel that his son is safe in the same house as Eason. The department of children’s services have opened a case against Jenelle and David. Nugget’s death is still being investigated by the Sheriff’s department and by animal control.

MTV has said in a statement, that they have stopped filming with Jenelle, and have no plans to feature her in any upcoming season of the top rated reality TV show. Rumors are circulating that Jenelle and David have signed on to do an episode of ‘Celebrity Marriage Bootcamp’, because they are strapped for cash. Fans of the show, have accused Evans of trying to cash in on Nugget’s death by posting on social media and exploiting his death. Evans married Eason in 2017, and has been under constant scrutiny ever since. Evans has been blaming the media and the fans for putting out details about the death of the dog.

Marie Osmond Announced As New Co-Host Of ‘The Talk’

Marie Osmond part of the famed ‘Osmond musical family has been named new co-host of ‘The Talk.’ Osmond joined the other hosts on Tuesday after it was announced that Osmond will be joining the show, after co-creator of the show, Sara Gilbert leaves the show after this season. Gilbert announced last month that she would leave the show to spend more time with her children and focus on other projects. One of those projects is her TV show, ‘The Conners’ on ‘ABC’. Osmond has been a guest co-host on the show for the last 9 years.

On Tuesday, she said ‘she was honored and grateful to be joining the other beautiful ladies of ‘The Talk,’ and she can’t wait to start season 10. The other mother of 8 and grandmother of 4 has been in the entertainment business with her family and brother Donny, since she was 4. She’s currently doing a show in Las Vegas with Donny. Marie will join, Eve, Sharon Osbourne, Carrie Ann Inaba and Sheryl Underwood in September for season 10. Angelica McDaniel,Vice President of day time talk, said, “If you have seen Marie Osmond guest host on ‘The Talk’ over the past 9 seasons you know she’s the perfect addition to the show.”

Osmond edged out other women that were vying for the permanent gig. Carnie Wilson, has been a fill in host for several seasons and has expressed an interest in replacing Gilbert. Jodi Sweetin of ‘Full House and Fuller House, also was in consideration for the coveted position. She told the producers, ‘since Fuller House was wrapping up this spring, she definitely had the time to commit to the show. Osmond will also be ending her Las Vegas residency this summer, ‘The Talk’ gig couldn’t come at a better time for her. Although Gilbert is leaving, she will still have creative control of the show, and she was involved in the decision regarding her replacement.

Amy Schumer Welcomes ‘Royal Baby Boy Of Her Own’ With Husband Chris Fischer

Actress and funny lady Amy Schumer gave birth to her first child, a boy late Sunday. Only hours before Prince Harry and his American wife Meghan Markle had their first child, also a boy early Monday morning. Schumer posted on social media, “10:55 pm last night our royal baby was born.” Schumer announced in October that she and her husband of 8 months were expecting their first child. Fischer an award winning cook book author and chef, said the birth of his son, “was amazing and tiring.”

About an hour before the baby arrived, Schumer was posting on social media pictures of her last year at the Met gala. She joked, “listen on the way to the Met a little thing happened at the hospital.” This pregnancy has not been easy for the 37 year old first time mom. She said she has battled extreme nausea, swollen feet. She said during a stand up routine in November, “I don’t like it, I’ve had a very tough pregnancy so far.” A month later, Schumer found herself hospitalized with a condition that plagued Kate Middleton, ‘hyperemesis gravidarum. The condition caused severe dehydration and can cause weight loss.

At the time of her hospitalization, she assured her fans that she was ok, but that she would have to cancel future comedy shows. She said at the time, “the last few days have been tough. I’m grateful as hell and know it’s temporary but tough just the same.” She posted pictures of herself in the hospital hooked up to an IV, “saying am I glowing?” She said she tried to keep a sense of humor about everything, ‘because without that you’re really in trouble.” In December Schumer posted a picture of herself throwing up blood, at the side of a road, saying, “this is Christmas.” By February, the actress was confined to bed rest due to increasing complications.

Diana Ross Says She Was Assaulted By TSA Agents

Legendary singer Diana Ross is claiming that a TSA agent assaulted her over the weekend. The singer was in New Orleans to perform at the ‘The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.’ The former ‘Supreme’ wanted to make things clear about what she says happened to her. She said the issues she had were not with Delta or the City of New Orleans, but specifically with a TSA agent. She said, “Ok so on one hand I’m treated like royalty in New Orleans and at the airport I was treated like *hit.” The singer there was no question, “I felt violated.”

Ross said, “The TSA went over the top, and made me feel like I wanted to cry. It’s not what was done but how, I’m feeling very violated. I still feel her hands between my legs front and back. The agent told me it was her job. Wow!! Really mixed emotions, I always like to see the good things, but not seeing anything good right now.” Hours later Ross was on stage in New Orleans, and Ross said, ‘it took a minute but performing always makes her feel better.”

A TSA rep said, “TSA is committed to ensuring all travelers are treated with respect and courtesy. TSA is aware of concerns raised by Diana Ross about her experience during screening at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport this morning.” They went on to say they take all concerns and complaints very seriously no matter who is making the claims. However upon review of the video tape at the screening area, they have determined the agent in question followed all protocol.” ;The TSA rep said that the matter is going to be investigated further, because Ms. Ross said that she felt violated and is discussing legal remedies with her team.’

‘Winnie The Pooh’ Voice Actor Jim Cummings Accused Of Rape & Animal Cruelty

Legendary Disney voice actor Jim Cummings is in a bitter battle with his ex-wife Stephanie Cummings. The actor has provided the voices for some of Disney’s most iconic characters. The actor did the voice for Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Mickey Mouse, and several others. The former couple were married in 2001 and divorced in 2011, and have two minor children. The two daughters Lulu and Johanna are still minors and have been testifying in court in Los Angeles for the last week.

According to the legal filing, Mrs. Cummings claims that her ex-husband has assaulted her several times from 2011 until 2018. She also claims that Cummings that her ex has forced himself on her, and performed deviant sex acts on her, without her consent. According to the ex-wife, her ex husband is ‘ a very successful voice actor who has done over 250 voices. She claims that her ex has forced himself on her countless times, and she had to file an order of protection twice since the pair went their own way. She claims that one of the times he attacked her, he did it in front of their then 4 year old daughter.

The Disney star said his ex wife’s claims are impossible because’ she is several inches taller than him, and she is a lot heavier too’. Cummings says all of incidents were jokes, he said he ‘slightly brushed a long side his ex wife, and all of sudden I attacked her.’ Stephanie claims that her ex forcible raped her in 2013, and she filed a police report. She checked herself into a shelter for battered women after the incident. She said her ex husband showed up at the shelter unannounced, and he was asked to leave ‘or the police would have been called.’ The two were legally divorced in 2011, without custody or division of property issues being addressed. The trial will continue next week in Los Angeles.

Gayle King’s Bad Blood With Norah O’Donnell Forces Her Out As Host Of CBS This Morning

Norah O’Donnell has officially been axed from the CBS This Morning Show line up. O’Donnell has been a co-host of the CBS Morning show for since 2012. Oprah Winfrey’s BFF Gayle King, has been a co-host of the show since 2011. King recently gained mega ratings after her exclusive interviews with embattled rapper R. Kelly. She negotiated her new contract with CBS shortly after the Kelly special aired. According to a CBS source, there has been serious bad blood brewing between King and O’Donnell for the last 3 or so years.

One of King’s bargaining points was the departure of Norah O’Donnell. The journalist will still be part of the CBS team, ‘just not a co-host of the morning show’, said a CBS source. The CBS insider said that O’Donnell did not get along with most of the staff and crew of the show. There have been personality issues ‘for several years now’ and it had nothing to do with King insists the source. The same source called O’Donnell ‘toxic’. O’Donnell has been gunning for CBS Nightly news anchor Jeff Glor’s job for quite some time. She has resorted to spreading rumors about Glor and ‘anyone else who she saw as a threat.’

O’Donnell who is still under contract to CBS was offered a ‘plum political anchor position.’ Glor has been blamed for dismal ratings at the Nightly News show. He has been demoted to a weekend anchor, and not necessarily ‘every weekend, but more like a special correspondent, during off prime time hours.’ The ‘CBS This Morning’ show has struggled with ratings since the much publicized departure of Charlie Rose in 2017, who left the network after multiple women accused him of unwanted sexual advances. Sources said that King’s new contract has her earning double of what she made last season to a whooping $11 million a season.

Jamie Foxx To Star In Biopic About Mike Tyson

Actor Jamie Foxx better start bulking up, he’s set to start filming a new movie, about ‘Iron Mike Tyson.’
Foxx who starred as singer Ray Charles in ‘Ray’ in 2004 won an Oscar for his uncanny portrayal of the singer. The actor is known for his meticulous work when playing real characters ‘that move him’. He also played the late founder of the street gang, ‘Crips’ Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams. The film in 2004, ‘Redemption: The Stanley Tookie Williams Story’ also won praise for his accurate portrayal of Williams who was executed in 2005 at San Quentin State Prison in California.

Foxx spent many hours with Williams on death row, and was at the prison when he was executed. Foxx publicly thanked the former heavy weight champion for ‘having trust in him, to tell his story.’ The Tyson movie has been in discussion for several years, and Tyson said that he wanted Foxx to play him, because ‘he admires his work so much.’ Now Foxx and Tyson are publicly discussing the project. Tyson appeared on the Joe Rogan show and talked about the movie. Tyson said that he started thinking about retiring in 2000, he actually retired in 2005. The former boxer, who has done Broadway will turn 53 in June.

Tyson said of Foxx playing him, “he can do it, he can do anything. I really wanted him to do it for a long time. It’s going to be really wild. He’s pretty awesome” Tyson said that Foxx would be regularly hanging out with him, to understand him better prior to filming. Tyson said that he will be a consultant on the film to have some control over his story. The 1995 HBO film ‘Tyson’ starring Micheal Jai White, was disappointing. He claims he was supposed to have creative control over the film, ‘but the final film was not to his liking.’ He said this time around, ‘it’s going to be very different.’

Jussie Smollett Will Not Return To ‘Empire’ For Season 6

The ‘Fox’ show ‘Empire’ has just been officially renewed for season 6, Jussie Smollett will not be returning. Fox said, “By mutual agreement the studio has negotiated an extension to Jussie Smollett’s option for season six, but at this time there are no plans for Jamal to return to Empire.” This according to an insider was the network’s way of giving Smollett a settlement, and ‘telling him his presence is no longer needed on the show.’ A source said the producers were told that the show would be canceled if Smollett wasn’t fired.’

The embattled actor’s team also released a statement, “ We’ve been told Jussie will not be on ‘Empire’ in the beginning of the season. But he appreciates they have extended his contract to keep Jamal’s future
open. Most importantly he is grateful to ‘Fox’ and ‘Empire’ leadership,cast, crew and fans for their unwavering support.”Smollett was released from the final two episodes of season five. The production team saying at the time, “While these allegations are very disturbing, we are placing our trust in the legal system as the process plays out.” The statement went on to say ‘in order to avoid any kind of disruption with the cast and crew, it was best for everyone.’

Last week the show’s creator and producer Lee Daniels was asked if Smollett was going to be coming back. Daniels said, “we are having conversations right now, so we will see.” Smollett was accused of staging a racist homophobic attack on himself in January in Chicago. The actor was arrested and charged with filing a false police report. The charges were dropped in March, however the DA said that Smollett was not attacked and that he staged the entire incident. Smollett was ordered to waive his $10,000 bail and do community service. He is currently being sued by the City of Chicago for the cost of the investigation.

Director John Singleton Dies Shortly After Being Taken Off Of Life Support

Director John Singleton died shortly after his family decided to take him off of life support. The director, the first African American director to be nominated for an Academy Award was 51. The director had a stroke 12 days ago, he never regained consciousness. Rapper Ice Cube released a statement about the passing of Singleton. Cube’s first major film role was ‘Boyz n the Hood” Singleton’s first film. Cube said, “Thank you John for being my friend, brother and mentor for 30 years.’

Cube continued, “For believing in me when I was unsure of myself. Your passion for telling our stories
from out point of view was more than an obsession it was your mission in life. Your love for the black experience was contagious, and I would never be the man I am without knowing you. On April 29th, 1992 you were on TV warning the world what was to come. I’m sad today, because I this April 29th, who will warn the world what’s to come. I love you and miss you already brother.” Singleton also directed ‘Poetic Justice’ with Janet Jackson and ‘2 fast 2 furious’ ‘Four Brothers’, ‘Hustle and Flow.’

More details surrounding Singleton’s medical crisis was revealed late Monday. He had been vacationing in Costa Rica, when he returned to California, he was having trouble with his legs. He went to Cedar Sinai Hospital for treatment. While admitted to the hospital he suffered a stroke on April 17th, and never regained consciousness. Singleton also directed some episodes of the mega FX series, ‘The People vs OJ Simpson: American Crime Story. Singleton grew up in South Central Los Angeles, he graduated from USC with honors, and directed his first film only 2 years after graduating. Singleton’s family said that the director suffered from high blood pressure from a very early age. They advised people to get themselves checked out.

Ronnie Woods Gives Update on Band-mate Mick Jagger

Ronnie Woods says he and Keith Richards have been cheering on their band-mate Mick Jagger, after the rock and roll icon had heart surgery. Woods spoke exclusively to ‘Hello’ magazine. He said he and Keith Richards went on vacation to the Caribbean right after Jagger was released from the hospital in New York. He said the two of them, sent Jagger videos of them singing get well songs. Woods and his wife Sally, and Richards and wife former model Patti Hansen have been rooting for Jagger and calling and sending him videos daily.

Woods said, “the videos really cracked him up, and we are so pleased that he’s doing so well, so soon after such a surgery.’ Woods joined the legendary rock band in 1975, after leaving ‘The Faces’ with Rod Stewart. Woods who is also an accomplished painter, has been working on Picasso inspired paintings, since he’s had down time. He said he started working on the pieces after Jagger had to postpone the band’s 9 week ‘No Filter’ tour, due to his health issues. Woods said he’s ‘been sharing his paintings with Mick, and he’s very impressed.’

Woods said he talks to Jagger every day, no matter where in the world he is. Jagger is currently recuperating at his New York home. He was seen only days after the surgery strolling through Central Park. Woods,71 has 2 year old twin girls with his fourth wife Sally. Woods has 6 children, and 6 grandchildren. The famed guitarist was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017, he had part of his lung removed. He refused chemotherapy, because’ he didn’t want to lose his hair.’ He finally gave up cigarettes after a 3 pack a day 50 year habit. The Rolling Stones have rescheduled the canceled tour, they announced the new tour will start in July. Jagger was in a relationship with designer L’Wren Scott from 2000 until her suicide in 2014.