Blue Streetlights Reduce Crime And Suicides

Grace Higgins | February 11th, 2019

In an interesting development, it is thought that blue streetlights are helping reducing crime and suicides in Japan and Scotland. In Tokyo, an increasing amount of railway companies have decided to install blue streetlights and blue light emitting apparatus at stations as it is becoming evident that the blue lights to help prevent people committing suicide by jumping onto the tracks in front of an oncoming train.

Experts, however, are not convinced if blue lights have anything to do with the matter. Railway companies though are willing to try anything in an attempt to reduce suicides. In fact, following their own statistics they do believe the blue lights have already been successful in helping to prevent many suicides.

And it is a statistic that is backed up by Glasgow, Scotland. In 2000, the local Scottish authorities installed hundred of blue street lighting to simply improve the landscape as blue lights looked better. What they found next was a huge reduction in crime in the areas with blue lighting. And other cities have followed suit, such as Nara in Japan where the police decided to test this theory and illuminate crime hotspots with blue lights. This project was also successful in reducing crime levels by a huge nine percent overall.

So how does blue light act so positively on humans? Well, it comes down to blue lighting having a calming effect on people. There are multiple studies with data to back this up, however, researchers do question the authenticity of such studies. With only Japan & Scotland really employing the blue lights technique it is hard to put together enough data to really prove that blue lights do anything to reduce crime & suicide.

Some social anthropologists like to point out that blue lights are not really a natural color for humans to walk under, so it could simply be that criminals just avoid those areas due to the unusual illumination. This does not mean the blue light actually reduces crime as the criminal will just commit his fraudulent acts at a different location.

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