Blind Cow And Dog Are Best Friends

Grace Higgins | June 3rd, 2019

At the Saving Grace Animal Society facility in Alberta, Canada two animals are quite the unlikely pair. A two month old blind calf and a rescue pit bull live together at the facility and are by all accounts the very best of friends. From the moment two met, they were bonded to one another. Both animals were rescued and brought to the facility. The calf, named Heaven, was saved from a dairy farm in Alberta while the dog, named Sweetpea, was rescued from a dog fighting ring. When Heaven the cow first arrived at the rescue facility she was terrified. She couldn’t live with the rest of the animals so she was placed in a special pen in the backyard of the home there. That’s where she met Sweetpea the dog and as they say—the rest is history.

Sweetpea was immediately drawn to Heaven and helped her navigate the farm, which is very common according to her rescuers. Sweetpea the dog has been a great helper to new dogs at the rescue, and she just knows when an animal needs her help. The two animals are now inseparable, spending most of their day going for walks around the farm, playing, and even sunbathing. Sweetpea enjoys grooming Heaven the cow and can often be seen licking her face and cleaning her up—and the cow loves the attention. Heaven is blind, so having a friend to help her navigate the world has made a huge difference in her life, say the staff at the Saving Grace Animal Society. She’s not as frightened as she was when she first arrived, and that is all thanks to the help provided by Sweetpea.

Best of all, Sweetpea the dog and Heaven the cow will live out the rest of their lives on the farm at the sanctuary in Alberta. This means the two friends can be together forever!

Saving Grace Animal Society//Facebook
Saving Grace Animal Society//Facebook
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