Bichette Sets Doubles Record As Yankees Keep Rolling, Yankees And White Sox To Play 2020 Game At Field Of Dreams, Premier League Transfer Dealings Done

Grace Higgins | August 9th, 2019

Bo Bichette is having one heck of a rookie season. In the days of old, rookies were expected to struggle for a time in the big leagues, but that trend is starting to be left behind in the dustbin of history. Speaking of history, Bichette, the son of former Rockies player Dante, made it on Thursday in less than 50 career at-bats by hitting a double in the sixth inning. In his 11th game, Bichette now holds the mark for most games with a double in a row at nine, something no one has managed to do since 1900 when records were kept more methodically. Bichette also homered for his Toronto Blue Jays, who are apparently all made up of former Big Leaguer’s sons’ now, in their 12-6 loss to the New York Yankees at home. He’s had a hit in all 11 of his games so far as well, surpassing the lead for most hits to begin a career in franchise history, too. The Yankees got the win in large part due to Gio Urshela, who hit two homers for the second day in a row to give them their ninth consecutive win, their longest winning streak of the season.

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Dyersville, Iowa, the place of the famous baseball movie Field of Dreams, will be the sight of a very special game next year as the New York Yankees travel to take on the ‘home team’ Chicago White Sox there. MLB will be constructing temporary seating- enough for about 8,000 people- for the game. This continues a recent trend by MLB to search out new and unique locations. The Yankees played in London a few weeks ago against the Red Sox, routinely play a game in Williamsport every year during the Little League World Series now, and they have held a game at Fort Bragg before for troops. This promises to be a very unique, cool, and fun event for sure, by the looks of it!

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We now know the players that will be involved in the first half of the Premier League season and we know some of them that will not after the time for ‘trading’ came to a close on Thursday afternoon in England. There were some big moves made, with Arsenal signing a couple, including Chelsea man David Luiz. That’s sure to make their rivals’ fans quite happy, especially seeing as how they had no chance to sign players. Tottenham, the other big London club, signed two men to strengthen their own team, with Gio Lo Celso being the biggest to most. Manchester United didn’t have a great day, bringing in no new faces. They did, however, lose Romelu Lukaku, who had been asking for a way out. They sold him to Italian team Inter Milan for well over $100 million. Teams can no longer sign new players until January, but players still may leave. The new season begins on Friday with Liverpool taking on new boys Norwich.

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