Beckham Shockingly Lands in Cleveland

 | Grace Higgins

It’s been less than a year since Odell Beckham, Jr. signed a huge contract with the New York Giants, but here we are. News broke on Tuesday that he would be moving to the Cleveland Browns in a shocker. The deal, according to sources, would see him go to Cleveland to play with Baker Mayfield while the Giants get a first round pick, a third rounder, and Jabrill Peppers. Even Beckham was surprised by the events that unfolded. He was first, apparently, notified of interest from the Browns by former LSU teammate Jarvis Landry and it all just steamrolled from there. The next thing you know, he was a Brown. The move shows just how serious they are about winning. They are not the lovable no-win losers any longer. This is a real, clear, bonafide contender. By bringing in Beckham, they plug in a hole left by the departure of Josh Gordon last season. There should be fun times ahead in Cleveland, that much is for sure, with the highest paid receiver in the league now on their payroll.

Sports Illustrated