Barcelona Feeds Their Pigeons With Contraceptives

 | Grace Higgins

In an ultimate bid to try and lower their rising pigeon population, Barcelona has installed special dispensers around the city that feeds pigeons with maize that is laced with contraceptives. If you see them on the streets then you may believe it just be a very modern looking garbage bin, but that is where you would be wrong, the 40 black metal cylinders around the parks and city center are actually releasing bird seed that is spiked with a pigeon contraceptive.

The local city council of Barcelona is attempting to lower the huge pigeon population in the Catalan capital. Until now the only thing that the administration was doing was executing periodic culls, which forced them to capture and kill the birds. This new approach will be much more humane and practical, the reports suggest it will cut the bird’s population by 85,000.

Unleashing the plans with the title of being “Animal-Friendly” the council of Barcelona called it an ethical way of controlling the pigeon population. This plan is actually following the footsteps laid out by the Italian city of Genoa.

City hall is hoping it will take down the bird’s population by 20% in the first year and then by 80% within four to five years. With tourism being one of the key benefits of Barcelona it is understandable they have taken an approach to reduce the number of rats on wings that plague the city center. The project will initially cost over $200,000 a year but authorities have announced it will be much cheaper in the long run.

Each dispenser will be distributed throughout 10 districts and feed the local pigeon colony in the area. Maize which is large as to not be eatable by other species of birds is coated with Nicarbazin with will limit the population in females & also affects the male’s sperm.