Baby And Dog Have Sweet Routine

Grace Higgins | September 8th, 2019

A dog named Dodger is head over paws in love with his parents. They did not think he could love them any more, that is until his little brother came along. Even before the baby was born, Dodger just loved his little brother, who was to be named Everett. It really showed how much he cared. Jessie Klorman, who is Dodger’s mom, says he was such a cuddle buddy with her while she was pregnant. Everywhere she went, Dodger just wanted to be near her and in particular, wanted to be near her belly. Everett was actually born prematurely and was a few weeks early. That meant he had to stay in the hospital longer than most babies.

Though Dodger perhaps did not realize what was happening, but his excitement over the baby never went away. Once little baby Everett finally came home from the hospital Dodger was smitten. He spent all of his time being cuddled up next to his mom and his baby brother or entertaining them. Jessie says newborn premies typically sleep between 15 and 18 hours each day, so she was appreciative of the entertainment Dodger provided. It was clear that Dodger was devoted to his brother—and that only grew with time.

These days, Everett is now one year old and is thriving—and Dodger has been there for him every step of the way. There’s no better way to understand their incredible bond than in observing their nighttime and morning routines. When Everett takes a nap, Dodger is right there, sleeping on the floor next to his crib to stand guard. Once Everett wakes up, Dodger greets him with a kiss. In the video, Everett can be heard crying and Dodger jumps up on the rail of his crib and gives him lots of kisses and he immediately stops. There’s no doubt this pair will grow to be even better friends as time goes on!

Jessie Klorman //Facebook
Jessie Klorman //Facebook
Jessie Klorman //Facebook


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Posted by Jessie Klorman on Friday, August 30, 2019

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