A’s Batter Mariners After Early Deficit, Paul To Heat Stalls, McIlroy Off To Awful Home Open Start

Grace Higgins | July 18th, 2019

Don’t look now, but the Oakland A’s are slowly, quietly making up ground in the AL West title picture. Their game on Wednesday afternoon began with a slow start, falling behind 2-0 to the Seattle Mariners. But this team, 4.5 games behind division leaders Houston, didn’t throw in the towel or panic. They fought back with a gusto, tying it up instantly in the bottom half of the inning. From there, Homer Bailey was able to overcome his poor start, in his debut for them, and throw six innings of nearly flawless baseball- not including the aforementioned second frame. Mark Canha and Jurickson Profar chipped in with two home runs apiece, with Canha’s solo shots being the ones to put them up by two runs and see them begin to pull away. Ramon Laureano also had a heck of a day. He would score three runs, one of which came as a result of a solo homer of his own, and he would make one of those great catches only he can make in center field. That’s six wins in a row for the A’s, and despite the Astros’ win on the day not seeing them move closer, you have to believe they still are up for the fight and aren’t going to giving up anytime soon.

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If sources are to be believed, then Chris Paul’s potential move to the Miami Heat is in serious jeopardy. At least for this season. The Oklahoma City Thunder, who just acquired the point guard in a deal that saw them exchange Russell Westbrook for him, are said to now be resigned to keeping him and having him play part, if not all, of the 2019-20 season for them. In fact, it is claimed that Paul feels it is best for him to do so. That’s because hardly any teams have cap space after the deal was made so late in free agency, making it very likely he will not be able to join another team until next summer.

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So much of the talk of the golf world centered around Rory McIlroy’s return home to Northern Ireland for the Open at Royal Portrush. And rightfully so. A big star deserves a big homecoming, but unfortunately he didn’t get the welcome he had hoped for. Many of the bookmakers’ favorite stepped up to the tee and hit his very first shot out of bounds on the first hole, leading him to make an eight on a par-4. After he had hit the ball out of bounds, he then drove into heavy rough, causing him to end up making double what his score should have been on a normal day. Not a good opener at all, and one that saw his chances of winning drop drastically.

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