Ancient Underground City Of Derinkuyu

Grace Higgins | February 13th, 2019

If you are looking for your next tourist destination think about checking out the ancient underground city of Derinkuyu in Cappadocia the central Anatolia region of Turkey. A beautiful natural wonder in itself with caverns and caves but it is also a place that has an extensive subterranean city. Secret tunnels and underground dwellings that people have used for shelter for centuries.

In the region, there are actually hundreds of these types of homes and the most famous happens to be in Derinkuyu. This city would have been capable of housing over 20,000 people in its prime and goes down to the depths of 250 feet. The multi-leveled city seems to have developed out of frustration from being a country that was riddled with invasion. The underground safety had everything needed to house and keep safe an entire population.

The funny thing is that this underground city was not really discovered until 1963 when a family was renovating their home. Once the wall was caved in, they discovered an underground room under their home. This led to a subterranean passageway that opened up, and when they went down to explore well the workers realized there was a complete maze of underground dwellings. To this day it is one of the biggest archaeology finds.

There is actually eighteen levels in the city, explorers and researchers found kitchens, bedrooms, and food storage rooms. There were schools and churches, they even found oil & wine presses or weapon storage areas. It was without a doubt a complete underground city.

And perhaps even cooler was the existence of a passageway all the way to another underground city by the name of Kaymakli, which was 8 kilometers away. Which means that the civilizations in the area were cooperating and had regular interaction. Historians still debate on who would have created this magnificent city, it could have been the Hittites or the Phrygians which means it was built between 800 to 1200 BC.

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