A Lot Of Digs At Donald Trump During Golden Globes Awards

 | Grace Higgins

In most instances, the President’s name was not mentioned, but the intent was clear. As stars assembled for the Golden Globes in Hollywood, a divided country was on the minds of most who attended. The ‘Green Book’ was named best film, the director Peter Farrelly accepted the award. During his speech, he emphasized ‘common ground.’ The film is based on the story of acclaimed African American pianist Don Shirley and his Italian American driver. The director said, “If they can find common ground, we all can.”Farrelly directed, wrote the script and produced the film.

He continued, “All we have to do is talk, and to not judge people by their differences, but to look for what we have in common.” Mahershala Ali got the best supporting actor award for his portrayal of Don Shirley. Actor Rami Malek won an award for best actor for his portrayal of singer Freddie Mercury in the film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. The producers Graham King and Denis Sullivan worked on the film project for ten years ‘to get the story just right’. They won the award for best picture, Malek thanked the band ‘Queen’ for “ensuring that authenticity and exclusivity exist in the music, and in the world and in all of us.”


The FX series ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story’, won for best picture in a limited series. The series is based on the openly gay clothing designer’s death in 1997. The producer Brad Simpson said,”our show is a period piece, but those forces are not historical, they are here, they are with us and we must resist.” Actor Darren Criss played Versace assassin, Andrew Cunanan, won for best actor in a limited series. Criss said he had a lot in common with Cunanan, being half white and half Asian. He said ‘that he developed sympathy for the person he played because ‘He had so much potential, but somehow he went from being a bright young promising man to a murderer.”